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Watch Popsww - The Video Website or an introduction to the Vietnamese culture

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Hello everyone,

As a French native, I've been travelling all my life, and when I landed to Vietnam I had this weird feeling: like it was home. I literally felt in love for this wonderful country, its people and its culture.

Speaking of which, I always remembered the first time I watched a series on TV. The dubbing was so poor, totally desynchronize, and all the characters were played by a single person. That was hilarious; and I thought to myself: "well, the production quality over here is a disaster".

3 years later, I realize how wrong I was... If you are curious, please check this video website:

It is in English (the website not the content), and honestly you will have an overview of what Vietnamese can do in terms of music and entertainment. They have nothing to envy from the occidental productions, the craft they put into their work is amazing.

It is always interesting to dig into the culture of a country, and you will definitely impress them if you can quotes the most popular songs or movies.

Have fun, and don't hesitate to share your feedback !

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