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Just Landed - Feedback, Suggestions and Bugs

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Help us improve the Just Landed Community! We're looking for feedback, critizism or suggestions for future enhancements.

If you find any bugs or things that seem to wrong, please post them in this discussion as well. When posting a bug (problem), please tell us which browser you're using.

Please post your feedback in English so other community members can understand it as well. Thanks!

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  • Sean McQuaid

    posted by  in World forum 

    One suggestion though: Can't you make it easier to find all the people in your community? If finally figured out that I have to go to friends to see them, but it's not so obvious.

  • Shalu Jaiswal

    posted by  in World forum 

    Hi, please start accepting email id's with gmail, yahoo and other engines. I couldn't register my company with you because of this.

  • Shalu Jaiswal

    posted by  in World forum 

    Hey, I was trying to register my company on your page and couldn't do so because of your request for email id having domain name.With people operating with gmail, yahoo and still on business, I think you should look into accepting these as well.

    I couldn't register because of this.

  • chuckand sandi

    posted by  in World forum 

    We’re finally living ours in our RV. Ride along with our travel and musical journey that we’ve embarked on.
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  • Jun Kang

    posted by  in World forum 

    It's a great community! Thank you for all

  • Webhostings Choice

    posted by  in World forum 

    Yes you are right I also want to search people by their name but how Can I do this it is quite confusing.

  • Monica Chak

    posted by  in World forum 

    Every User must be given Profile URL might be it is there but I am unable to find. Why It is needed. It is needed to share with friends


  • bambang kuncoro

    posted by  in World forum 

    your visitors traffic is great! keep it up and get more and more...glad to join the community

  • Fernand Pol

    posted by  in World forum 

    Happy to join in this community

  • Ruth Nalugya

    posted by  in World forum 

    i am of the view that the site provides us the opportunity to see the profiles of those people who view our posts.
    we can only see the replies but no chance to look at different viewers.

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