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Just Landed - Feedback, Suggestions and Bugs

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Help us improve the Just Landed Community! We're looking for feedback, critizism or suggestions for future enhancements.

If you find any bugs or things that seem to wrong, please post them in this discussion as well. When posting a bug (problem), please tell us which browser you're using.

Please post your feedback in English so other community members can understand it as well. Thanks!

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  • Maurizio Anelli

    posted by  in World forum 

    I would show the online status.

  • Rehmat khan

    posted by  in World forum 

    Hi, this is an good community site.and i think i didn't find any spam yet. All are coming here who need some information and wana share some thing via this site. For example, i came here in Athens, i need a job, so this community have too much good for such kind of stuff.
    just i will say that make it easy more if you can. and other way, this is an good site at all


  • posted by  in World forum 

    Hi Rena, don't worry, your contacts will grow over time as you stay on the community. If you're interested in meeting people from Brazil, you should join the Brazil community so people can find you.

    @Emilja - the evil smiley will be replaced later on. We're planning to add some features for adding smileys and other icons in the forums, so bear with us on this one!

  • Go to rena souleymane's profile

    posted by  in World forum 

    Hi Daniel.I'm rena and i just entered into just landed.i would like to know many people from allover the world.specialy from brazil. but till now i have recieved only 1 text. so please help me find more friends........thanks


  • smileys

    posted by Deleted user in World forum 

    I really like the smileys in the forums, but why does the winking one look so evil? ;)

  • Hiding your profile

    posted by Deleted user in World forum 

    Hi Nicole! We have not build an option to hide your profile completely, though you can hide most of your profile elements in your privacy settings (i.e. the personal information, contact details etc.). Hiding your profile completely would be problematic since this would mean that we have "anonymous users" posting in the forums and contacting other people. We believe that this would not be correct since other users should see who you are if you interact in the community.

    However, you got a very good point with the Google search results. We can include an option which tells Google not to index your profile page if you don't want to and could add this to your privacy settings. Would this be a good idea?

    Thanks for your feedback,

  • Dorota ...

    posted by  in World forum 

    "I jsut found out by accident that you can google my full profile(...)" (Nicole Finnern)

    Yes, that is true.
    After typing name and surname, the profile is seen.
    I am more than glad because of that actually..

    Nicole, isn't it possible to fix your private settings as "seen to friends only" ? I haven't tried to hide my profile, there is no such a need for me.

  • posted by  in World forum 

    Hi Nicola! If a user is shown as "deleted", this means that they have deleted their profile and left the community. Regards, Daniel

  • Nicola Brune

    posted by  in World forum 

    On my messages a friend now reads as "deleted" - does that mean they've left period??? seems strange

  • Dorota ...

    posted by  in World forum 

    "we will fix this as soon as we can." (Daniel)

    And you have done that :)
    Thank you, it is much easier to use sent messages folder now.
    I haven't checked "sent" folder for some days, but I have just noticed that you changed its settings. Thank you :)

    With warmest regards,

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