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    Hi Claire, thanks for your comment. This is a difficult question. We have decided that the forums etc. should be visible to people who are not logged in (so they can see what is going on in the community), but only registered members can contact other people of post.

    At the same time, we decided that we did not want any "anonymous" discussions in the community - as this is supposed to be a place to meet real people. Just like in any public space, you should therefore think what you the world to know about you.

    However, we obviously do not force anybody to upload their real photo if they don't want to (as you), and some people prefer to just put up the first letter of their surname (i.e. Claire B). In addition, there is also a privacy setting which let's you hide your profile page from Google. We hope that this - together with the extensive privacy settings for contact option - should give our users sufficient options to protect their privacy.


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