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    Hello Daniel,

    You wrote: "The problem is that we need to decide what to show when you send a message to multiple recipients"

    Yes, it is maybe a problem if we say about technical problems, I am not an expert at it, that is true:)
    I use Yahoo email, and it is solved there in a following way:
    When I open "sent messages" folder, I see the receiver of my email. And if I send the same message to some people(what doesn't happen too often actually), I see just the first name in the heading of the sent message, and then, when I open it to read what I wrote - I see other names too..Maybe it would be useful for you to organize "sent messages" folder like that? Here I see myself only, but I know that it was me who sent the message, so maybe would be possible to put the receiver instead of sender on the right side od the folder? So.."to whom" instead of "by whom" the message was sent:)

    With my best greetings (from Poland again, after visting Naples in Italy)

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