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Why did you move abroad?

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Now we all know it's difficult to move to a new country - but what are the upsides? I asked some people on this and some really varied answers. How about you: What the reason you moved abroad - and what was the best thing that happened to you because of your move?

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    Moving abroad can definitely be challenging, but also rewarding! For me, one upside was the opportunity to live somewhere totally new. I moved to New Zealand from the states for a job opportunity and have loved exploring the country - the landscapes and outdoors opportunities are unbelievable. Meeting awesome locals and making new lifelong friends from all over has also really enriched my life. It pushes you outside your comfort zone which helps with personal growth. Plus, living abroad makes you appreciate your home country even more when you visit too. The change of scenery and pace of life has been great for my outlook. Moving can open so many doors!

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    For me, it was to learn the English language and live the American dream.

  • Moving abroad

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    To start a new chapter of your life! Exciting :)

  • posted by  in World forum can do a totally fresh start and build up a new social circle for yourself...just nice to see how it grows ;)

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    hello everybody,
    I like the way your discuss. As for me I do not see moving to another part of the world is always pleasurable, unless you do it for sometime as a tourist. Many ppl leave their zone for survival and many do travel for business or study sake. For those who travel to work seems both pleasure and adventure in one packet. Those who travel for studies should also have to workhard to make the ends meet and perform their schooling on timelimit. If we speak of the unfortunate people who live their homecountries for survival are forced to leave all what they have behind them. If they are lucky they make it to the dreamland otherwise they end up in seashores as deadbodies.
    Let's pray for peaceful world where noone need to live in despare or hunger.

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    .. I think that gbola raises an interesting point here: While most people in this forum seem to go abroad for fun and adventure, we shouldn't forget that most people moving countries do so because they're forced to, not because they want to!

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    It all depends on the mission abroad, being adventure, learning, leisure, business etc. But the case of less priviledged mostly from the poor countries is purely to look for greener pasture when their countries have failed to give them a better, brighter and secured future.

  • Harald S

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    ... is going home afterwards! You see you own country with fresh eyes and start to appreciate the things you took for granted ;o)

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