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Where is home?

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More and more people have the opportunity to roam through the world, live and work here and there, marry a foreign partner...

But after many years in various countries, do we still feel "at home" somewhere? Or are we nowhere at "home" any more?

Is it important to have "home"? And what is "home" - the city, the country, the family, friends?

Do you feel a stranger in the country you were born long time ago? Do you feel more comfortable in a country you live in, but the passport says different? Is your family falling apart - kids grown up and on their own ways, your partnership maybe being just a memory? Where do we belong?

I've spent quite some time travlling the world - but now I'm finally "at home" again. Though I'm not sure yet whether it still feels like that...

  • Dorota ...

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    There is something maybe true in words by John Lennon..
    But, in my opinion, the best definition is written by Bob. This is what I feel too.
    I am in my the country where I was born, where my parents live, yes. But I spent some time in another country too. And I missed my parents, but it had nothing with missing the place.
    Home can be anywhere where you feel comfortable and safe. This is the most important I would say...

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    "He's a real nowhere Man,
    Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
    Making all his nowhere plans
    for nobody.

    Doesn't have a point of view,
    Knows not where he's going to,
    Isn't he a bit like you and me?
    Nowhere Man, please listen,
    You don't know what you're missin',
    Nowhere Man, the world is at your command."

    It says it all :)

  • bob amrawy

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    my home is the place i feel comfortable and safe with the people i love

  • posted by  in World forum 

    a place where your love and your heart belong to.. Everytime other person said "home", I missed my mom and dad a lot !!

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    see at ur owen u can fine home and how to treat ather person ...home is the freedom

  • Gabriela Zafira

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    Wherever you meet great friends that really mean something to you - you will be at home!

  • Badie Guy

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    Sometimes you don't find home, and you feel strange everywhere...

  • Frank Wagner

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    Home is where your heart is - and that can be in any place!

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