African Pop Up Dinner with Chef Segun Odofa


Small City Brooklyn

55-C 9th Street, Brooklyn, 11215, USA Map

Join us as we take a culinary trip to Africa, visiting select dishes along the way that encompass the vibrancy and culture of their respective countri es. In this 4 course dinner, Chef Segun Odofa, winner of the 2017 Jollof Festival, will teach you about the stories behind each dish, and what makes them so special. Cocktails provided by Tambour Original Palm Wine. Get ready to learn about the foods and culture of Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia- dishes which even in NYC, are still quite esoteric. Tying it all together, there's no better place to undwind on a Saturday evening than in small city Brooklyn overlooking the Gowanus Canal.
1.Suya Skewers / Grilled Beef Skewers Mixed With Suya (Peanut-Spice Rub)/ Tomatoes / Red Onion/ Cabbag and peppers.
2 Jollof rice/ Tomatoes/ sardine/ Vegetables/peppers
3 Deep-Fried Stewed Fish / African herbs and spices
4.Goat meat pepper soup
5 Nigerian Bread Pudding

African Sunrise Cocktails / Tambour Nigerian Palm Wine/ Pineapple/ Club Soda/ Grenadine

Early Bird USD 55.0
General USD 60.0

Category: Food / Drink

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