April 14 – Training: “How to prepare for a job interview”


Flames, Hilton Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District

Beijing, China Map

We are delighted to announce that a team from Antal International will be leading the FCGroup workshop on Tuesday 14, 7:00pm – 8:00pm April at Flames, Hilton, Wangfujing.

The Job Interview can be one of life’s most difficult and intimidating challenges. If it’s a job you really want, then what is the best way to prepare?

Experienced Business skills and HR trainer, Stephen Rice, will first talk about the best ways to prepare for your next interview. Whether you are about to graduate or are thinking about a change, this presentation will give you inside information on what some companies are looking to see and hear from you.

Maarten Kalusche of Antal will then share with you how our internal training program, the Antal Academy, is paramount to the success of our expert consultants and the success of Antal’s renowned clients.

Colin Friedman
 Colin Friedman