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Battery Metals Conference
How can producers of key metals such as lithium and cobalt find a balance between emerging opportunities and long-term risks?
As the global supply picture develops, what is the outlook for prices?
How can battery metals end-users expand production while maintaining long-term supply security?
What are the emerging substitutes and technologies that could weigh on battery metals producers?

Antimony Conference
How will the global antimony market play out in 2016-17 and how can the global antimony community engage with the Chinese antimony industry?
With stricter mining regulations and quota management being put in place in China, how is the supply picture developing and what does the future hold for traders, producers and buyers of antimony products?
Is China's 'supply side reform' (供给侧改革) a silver bullet to solve the industry's fundamental problem of an imbalance between supply and
What are the emerging opportunities from new antimony applications?

Speakers: Nigel Tunna, John Skyes, Michael Schmidt, Zhou Zhengmao, Mikhail Fedchik, Mo Ke, Cameron Perks

Early Bird: USD 1600,
Standard: USD 1800

Category: Exhibitions | Business & Economics


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