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Looking for a job in the Netherlands? Wondering how you can keep your career attractive while living abroad? Interested in increasing your work pleasure and your efficiency? Then there is some good news for you!

CONNECT INTERNATIONAL is cooperating with two career professionals in its new office. Annelies Gallagher and Annette Rauh will be offering career workshops in the fall of 2012. Subjects vary from:
• Finding work using social media (LinkedIn and Twitter)
• Networking for a job in the (Northern) Dutch labor market
• Building your resume to preparing for a job interview
• Professional and personal development
• Intercultural communication
• International management training
• Educational opportunities

During the summer both Annette and Annelies will be answering your career questions during free consultation hours!

The short consultations are meant to help you understand:
- In what phase of your career you are in right now
- The way you can approach the Dutch labor market
- The next steps you have to take and how we can help you with that
- That there are cultural differences and how you deal with them in your current job

Your questions will also help us make the career workshops even more matching to your needs.

We will be at the Connect International office, Herestraat 106, Room 1.06, Groningen, on the following dates between 14:00 and 15:00 hrs:

• July 6th, 13th and 20th
• August 1st, 10th, 15th, 22nd and 31st
• September 5th and 12th

If you are not able to come or you want to contact us with your questions in another way:

Annette Rauh:
For more information:

Annelies Gallagher:
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