Caribbean and South American Security Summits


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The Club Naval

Cra.15 Calle 6 Castillogrande, Cartagena, Colombia Map

Ensuring unimpeded access to the maritime economy for legitimate purposes while denying access to criminal organisations is challenging. The equipment required ranges from maritime patrol aircraft to radars and databases used to crosscheck and identify non-conforming patterns that may indicate illicit flows and provide actionable information used for interdiction purposes.

More than just equipment, what is required is cooperation and collaboration in all areas. Hurricanes and Kingpins do not respect borders. Information and action must flow accordingly. Modern technology is hugely important for the exchange of data and information but in order for this to take place you need to build trust. Trust that is built on face-to-face meetings, conversations, and an intellectual understanding of the challenges faced.

With these challenges in mind, CABSEC 2016 will enable attendees to:
Develop and critique policies to further security capacity initiatives, debate how best to integrate security systems in the region and place their solutions at the heart of the context, whilst delivering capability for these structures
Build personal relationships throughout the region and have private sidebar discussions with senior leadership in order to better understand the strategic and security challenges facing the region’s key influencers
Situate Caribbean and South American security in a hemispheric context through combined morning sessions and gain detailed insight into Caribbean and South American security through region-specific afternoon forums - thus mapping the macro and micro issues governing investment in the hemisphere

This forum is ideal to build those relationships, to build that trust, and to build a safer society throughout South America and the Caribbean.

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