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CHARLIE SMITH LONDON is delighted to present Spanish artist Concha Martinez Barreto in her debut one-person exhibition in London.

Martinez Barreto, the gallery's most recent addition to the roster, presents us with a stunning collection of paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture and a diptych formed of erased antique letters. This diptych, titled 'A letter to the son and a letter to the daughter', is a critical work in the exhibition. The letters, originally written in 1943 by a mother to her son, represent a mode of communication that is rarely employed today, and which is both intimate and enduring. However, Martinez Barreto apparently disrupts both their permanence and the original intention by personally erasing sections of text. In doing so, she creates new meaning and arguably reveals a hitherto undisclosed subtext, whilst adopting another's reinterpreted words as her own.

Martinez Barreto's work in other media might be considered similarly. Her strategy is to appropriate collected imagery and objects and to reinterpret by recontextualizing them. Martinez Barreto's monochromatic paintings are derived from a combination of found anonymous imagery that is then rendered entirely personalised. Her paintings continually epitomise the uncanny and carry hidden meanings that might be interpreted variously, dependant on the story of the viewer as well as the story of the artist.


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