Dennis Williams' I've Cried the Blues Starring KeKe Wyatt & Avery* Sunshine


Warner Theatre

513 13th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20004, United States Map

A 1940s segregated era based musical guest starring award nominated artists KeKe Wyatt and Avery* Sunshine, explores race in America, which helped to birth the sound of the blues.

The Musical Story of a Lifetime with Guest Stars KeKe Wyatt and Avery* Sunshine is a musical exploration of a family who struggles to find peace and a comfortable standard of living during an era filled with segregation laws that are meant to keep them down. This show is set during the blues era of 1945 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The roots of this family's foundation are nearly ripped from the soil when racism and sexism tugs on its branches. Many moments of pain and fear does not change the downward journey until the prayers from a woman's tears cried the blues.

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre.

Sub-Categories: Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre | Musical.

Artists / Speakers: KeKe Wyatt, Avery Sunshine, William Taylor II, Karen Linette, Jordan White, Jevone Levi, Kadaja Holloway, Victoria Woodbury, Javarde Seay, Diana Carver.


Orchestra (Center): USD 75.00,
Orchestra (Left & Right): USD 65.00,
Mid-Balcony: USD 60.00,
Upper Balcony: USD 55.00.

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