F.a.m.e and Communications Network Event


The Blue Marlin (蓝枪鱼)

Beijing, China Map

This a networking event in Beijing for people who talk for a living, for the people who get paid to share their pearls of wisdom with others.
For example … Lecturers, Lawyers, Teachers, Advertisers, Marketeers, Public Relations, Diplomats, Politicians, Event Organisers, MC’s, DJs, Media and for (F.A.M.E.) Fashion, Arts, Movies, Entertainment.
It is an exciting mix of people who are talented (some very talented) at talking.
It does not matter if you are more of a talker or more of a listener because every good talker wants a listener and every listener wants to pick up information or advice.
We have found the perfect evening for this topic. It’s the Blue Marlin conveniently located near the US Embassy and the Hilton Beijing (Liangma Qiao)
Only the FCGroup attracts a magic mix of Expats and English speaking Chinese.
Don’t miss this fun laid-back networking evening that unites young and young at heart professionals for a fascinating social evening.

Colin Friedman
 Colin Friedman