Financial Awareness Seminar : Investment Diversification & Portfolio Management

Financial Awareness Seminar : Investment Diversification & Portfolio Management

The Penthouse

Rijswijkseplein 786, The Hague, Netherlands Map

At Beacon Financial Education we know what it means to be an Expat. After all, we are expats too! We know the financial challenges, worries and concerns of living and/or working abroad. Dealing with one's finances can be difficult enough for everyone, living in another country adds a whole other layer to the equation.

Where to go with your finance questions, does your financial advisor really understand the implications of you being an expat, how to prepare for retirement, what investment options are there for expats, what about life insurance strategies, taxes, US FATCA,...? The list seems never-ending,...

The seminar "Investment Diversification & Portfolio Management" - hosted in collaboration with Blacktower Financial Management Group, at The Penthouse in The Hague - covers topics such as how to get started with investing, risk management, the importance of diversification, how to create an investment portfolio and how to manage it.

The seminar is free of charge, and offers the financially aware expat with information that will help him/her to make well-informed financial decisions in order to achieve their financial destiny! Take the reins of your financial health, and join our free event.

We have limited seats available, so register in time!

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