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FRANGLISH is the French/English language exchange event in Paris. It's an innovative concept promoting meetings between native English and French speakers. Probably the best way to learn French while connecting with locals.

And also the French/Spanish exchanges !!!

Our format of 1-on-1 conversations that last for 14 min (half in English and half in French), gives you the chance to practice your conversation skills with at least 5 different people.

FRANGLISH is not a lesson, it is a social event where you learn another language and culture. While enjoying your time with many different native speakers, you'll discover a warm atmosphere in the best venues all over Paris.

Sundays at the cafe restaurant The Mecanobar from 6pm to 8pm (Parmentier metro station, Paris 11ème).
Tuesdays at the pub Lizard Lounge from 7pm to 9pm (Hotel de ville metro station, Paris 4ème).
Wednesdays at the cafe restaurant L'autre Cafe from 7pm to 9pm (Parmentier metro station, Paris 11ème).
Thursdays at Chapi Chapo from 7 to 9pm (Cardinal Lemoine metro station, Paris 5ème).

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