Hague International Comedy Festival, Sat, Sept 28

Hague International Comedy Festival, Sat, Sept 28



Branoul Theatre

Maliestraat 12, The Hague, Netherlands Map

Joe Eagan presents:

First Annual Hague International Comedy Festival. Sat, Sept 28!

--1 Day, 8 shows, over 15 comics--

The festival welcomes professional stand-up comics from around the world and throughout the day you can catch 5 featured solo shows starring Alistair Williams (UK), Alice Frick (Austria), Nico Yearwood (Barbados), and Andy Valvur (US/EST).

There is also a show featuring Dutch comics presenting their favourite material in English, as well as Expat comics living in Holland who tell all about their lives here.

And be sure to not miss the Gala Finale with all the comics from the solo shows + special Dutch and Expat guest comics, along with Carly Baker (US) and Joe Eagan (CAN) as your Gala hosts. A fantastic day of comedy starting at 14,00 not to miss!

The entire festival takes place at Branoul Theatre on Maliestraat 12.

All 8 shows will be performed entirely in English. The full schedule with all info & tickets is here:

joe eagan
 joe eagan