Join local Festival, farm visit and cook with local Family

Join local Festival, farm visit and cook with local Family



Local family house

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My village will take place a big traditional festival from 9th to 12th MARCH 2017. Once time per year, every people leave farm work back and start with the traditional festival. We celebrate like our lunar New Year. On the main day 9th March 2017, there are many interesting festival activities carnival procession, Folk song completion, chess completion, wrestling competition and many traditional games. On these important days, we cook many special and traditional dishes to worship our ancestor and share the funny time with relative.
We would like to host you to my home to celebrate this festival. We strongly recommend you come on 09th March if possible. It is really traditional and interesting.
Spring Roll
Two type of Pork Rolls
Traditional noodle
Steam Checken
Bamboo shoot soup
Steam Sticky Rice
Chung Cake
Troi Cake
Local Fruit
Local Beer
The price is: 25 USD per person for full day activities included: Visit market, visit farm, visit festival cook and enjoy lunch with my family. Starting time from 9:00 to 17:00

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Looking forward to welcome you soon!

Mandy Bui
 Mandy Bui