Malcolm Middleton


Cyprus Avenue

Caroline Street, Cork, Ireland Map

''Right up there with Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash” (SUNDAY TELEGRAPH) “Middleton shows off impressive acoustic guitar skills oddly reminiscent of a young Paul Simon” (THE TIMES) “Achieves ABBA-like moments of pop greatness” (MOJO) “Malcolm has a warm, immediately engaging voice that makes even his saddest songs sound strangely joyful” (THE GUARDIAN)
Following Malcolm Middleton seven-hundredth studio album BANANAS, he will perform a live show at Cyprus Avenue, 2nd February 2019. 
The guitarist and songwriter is best known for his work with Aidan Moffat in Scottish rock legends ARAB STRAP, as well as for his string of DPR$$N-CORE smash hit singles “Fuck It, I Love You", "We're All Going To Die" and "Balled Of Fuck All”.  On BANANAS Malcolm has teamed up with the acclaimed not-jazz trio JEANSY, JONES & SMILLIE (David Jeans DRUMS, Stevie Jones DOUBLE BASS and Graeme Smillie PIANO) to produce an album that is both scathing and nice.

On Saturday February 2, 2019 at 7:30 pm (ends 10:30 pm)

Category: Live Music


General Admission: EUR 15.00

Venue: Cyprus Avenue, Caroline Street, Cork



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