Strategy Execution & Transformation Saudi Arabia


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The Radisson Blu Hotel

King Abdulaziz Street Al Mubarakiah Plaza, Riyadh Map

The Kingdom’s leading event for strategy implementation, organisational planning and performance measurement. Strategy Execution and Performance Saudi Arabia will explore key issues facing private and government organisations in Saudi, around strategy execution, business excellence, organisational development, corporate planning

Saudi Arabia is on an exciting journey of economic and social development. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 is an inspiring commitment to progress. The strategic objectives to come from this bold vision, and crucially, the methods for monitoring their fulfilment, will transform Saudi.

As ever with strategic objectives, the biggest challenge for organisations is the implementation. This event is designed to equip entities in Saudi Arabia with the tools and techniques to effectively manage their strategic objectives in a way that is fully aligned with the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

Strategy Execution & Transformation builds on Informa's solid track record of delivering world-class strategy management events in the Kingdom for the past 12 years.

- Understand how to successfully convert strategic objectives into initiatives to align with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030
- Examine the latest techniques for cascading your strategic objectives across your organisation
- Explore how other entities have nurtured a performance based culture with effective KPIs and communications strategies
- Hear international experts discuss ways to prioritise strategic initiatives to maintain focus and achieve maximum impact
- Discover tools and technologies to coordinate and automate your strategy reporting and governance process

On Sunday December 4, 2016 at 8:30 am (ends Wednesday December 7, 2016 at 5:30 pm)

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Strategy Execution and Transformation + 2 Workshops: USD 3799
Strategy Execution and Transformation + 1 Workshop: USD 3199
Strategy Execution and Transformation

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