Yoga Pranala Retreat - A Unique Journey of Purification in Bali


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Join us in a multi-dimensional retreat that combines traditional yoga-mudra, mantra, chanting, postures, pranayama and ancient Balinese self-healing techniques to help balance and purify yourself at all the levels of your being.

Bali, often referred to as the Island of the Gods because of its spiritual energy, is a magical place in which to immerse yourself in these life-changing experiences. The week-long retreat will completely shift your energy and perception of the world.

The Elements…

Yoga is a path to self-awareness, balance and purification. The ancient Rishis understood the importance of a healthy body for all activities, whether worldly or spiritual.

Pranayama purifies the mind and body through the balance and cultivation of energy throughout the whole body.
Asana purifies the body through movements that increase and improve the flow of blood, oxygen and prana in the tissues, muscles and organs.

Yoga Pranala helps you to clear your mind, focus your intentions, reinvigorate your body and start the self-healing process.

Fire ceremonies: Fire represents transformation. The Fire Blessing is a healing ritual which helps us to release negative thoughts or unwanted energy into the fire, transform it into more positive energy and bring in and manifest new intentions and new life. A fire ritual called Havan, dating back millennia, is still practised in these parts of the world.

The participants of this retreat will have a unique, authentic experience of this fire purification ceremony.
Water purification: Water represents the flow of energy or prana connecting us to emotion and intuition. The Balinese believe that water rituals assist in cleansing us on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Uplifting kirtan sessions are performed during evenings with musical instruments indigenous to the local culture.

Category: Religion & Spirituality | Meditation & Yoga

standard: USD 1365

Artist / Speaker: Cristina Rapcea

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