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Adedokun Adesua
 Adedokun Adesua
About me:
I am a very honest person, good hearted and simple going. I am an easy person to get along with. I have 2 wonderful little girls and a God sent wife..I am just looking to making more friends, I wouldn't tell a lie even to save my own life..I am just as plain as you see and I tell it how it is.
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English, Yoruba
Looking for:
Friends, Business contacts
Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman


St Frankies
Self Employed
Field of work:
Computing database


  • Adedokun Adesua
     Adedokun Adesua

    I am planning on coming to Kuwait to find a job, please I would really appreciate any form of help you people could render to me. I have loved the country right from my chilhood and that is because I have some friend who are muslims here in my country. Nigeria is where I was born and a national of, it is hot here, the weather is hot and it has been a way of life for us. I have a high school degree in computing and database and also good with interneting..please how do I get my visa and start my applications? There is no consulate or embassy of Kuwait here in Nigeria but I can travel to a nearest country or find a friend in Kuwait and pay all my fees...I need your help