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About me

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 Dorota ...
About me:
I am quite warm person, even if seen as strong. I work in Poland as a high school English teacher. I also have some experience at tourism and office work. I speak Russian too, have University diploma for both languages. My native language is Polish. And I am learning Italian..I am open to opportunities of working abroad.
Living in:
English, Polish, Russian, Italian
Looking for:
Friends, Dating, Business contacts
Bahrain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Campania, Naples, Dubai, World


Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Dancing, Swimming, racing cars, (Formula1, GP 2)
Favourite films:
"Neverending Story"
Favourite books:
"Miserables" by Victor Hugo
Relationship status:


Field of work:
Education, tourism
English teacher, tourist guide, office
Former Career:
I work as a teacher, international project coordinator, and during my holidays I work for travel agency. I also have some experience at office job, translations.. So.. I work all year long..


  • mego maldives
     mego maldives

    why don't you chose Maldives? I have many resorts and hotels in Maldives.

  • ehsan ehsani
     ehsan ehsani

    hi how are you honey?i hope that you accept my offer and let to know each other more and would be my pleasure to start a serious and long term relation with you
    with lots of love

  • Ahmed Badawy
     Ahmed Badawy

    I need to talk to a friend

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    I wish..a HAPPY EASTER to my Friends who celebrate Easter:) And a HAPPY WEEKEND to my Friends who do not celebrate it:) Be happy, be well.

  • Juan Ubide Barreda
     Juan Ubide Barreda

    BUon Natale per te Dorota.

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To All..
    Tanti Auguri:)

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    I am in Poland again..hope to be here more often then..Again:) And thank you to All who sent me birthday wishes..They are wonderful:)
    I send you my best greetings and lots of kisses..Thank you...

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    To All my Friends,
    Please, forgive me that I am not able to answer you immediately, I was travelling a bit, and now I am leaving again, for some weeks. I don't have the internet access quite often during my trips. Kisses to All:) And see you soon..I hope.

  • James .
     James .

    Thanks for adding me

  • James .
     James .

    How are you? Well I m Jay from Dubai. My pleasure to be ur friend. Please reply if u like to be friend by the way your profile is amazing.. i like it

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Tanti baci ed abbacci:)
    Auguri di Buona Pasqua per i miei Amici:)

    Lots of kisses and hugs:)
    I wish a Happy Easter weekend to All my Friends:)

  • Andrea Martella
     Andrea Martella

    Nice to meet you!.. so.. do you want to speak italian?... I could help you if you want.. I instead need to learn english.. if I'll need somethings could I take in account your availability?.. thank you very much!!

  • Dany Daniel
     Dany Daniel

    hi dorota,i also work in tourism,i use to do one time every year as a guide in morocco(agadir),and irent rooms,aparts,houses in the same area,so apart this i like to know new persons from everiwhere and talk together,i can send you some photos from south morocco if you like,bye,have a nice sunday.

  • Lankan Devil
     Lankan Devil

    YOu are the perfect MILF! (that would be a compliment!)

  • Rek B
     Rek B

    Hi Dorota, it will be great to hang up !

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Happy New Year :)
    All the Best..May it bring you Health, Wealth and Happiness.
    May Your Dreams come true...

    And mine too.

  • Daniel J Potaracke
     Daniel J Potaracke

    Happy New Year to all especially Dorota who is out on a date this evening.
    If not, there are lots of blind Polish men in Gdansk! Daniel

  •  Davide Tice

    Salute della California.
    Ciao Dorota. I can help you learn Italian.
    I teach Italian to adults in California.
    I also teach Spanish and taught English
    to adults per molti anni.

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    To Whom it May Concern..
    I wish You and Your Families a Merry, Merry Christmas..
    May Your Days be Merry and Bright..

    And to All of You..
    May New, 2009 Year bring You Health, Wealth and Happiness.
    All the Best.


  • eddie ramírez m.
     eddie ramírez m.

    hi dorota. I just call to say hellooooo from spain and Colombia.
    kisses. eddie.



  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Just to say thank you to All of You..I received so many birthday wishes, it is so kind of you, so nice..

    Thank you for you - for who you are,
    However far away..
    And for the words you send to me.
    Your warmth and care are not to forget.
    And they will never be.

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Thank you Santino..
    Here's no way to go to the beach now, the weather became too cold..
    I send you my warmest greetings from not so warm Poland..

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Hi to All:)
    With greetings from Poland!