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Enzo Mezatni
 Enzo Mezatni
Living in:
Rotterdam (Netherlands)
English, Dutch, French
Looking for:
Business contacts
Netherlands, Rotterdam


GDCC (Global Data Collection Company)
Field of work:
Recruiter & trainer
010 300 3000
Conradstraat 18
3001 GA


  • Enzo Mezatni
     Enzo Mezatni

    The Global data collection company is a company who works with over 35 languages all year around. Whatever the language you may speak, it's always good to apply in the eventuality that we have an incoming project for you language skills.

    Philosophical note:

    If you wish to be, then don't try, simply do so and keep a targeted image in your mind at all times, you must visualize where you are going, as if you were driving a car and thinking of the road to take to arrive to your destination, where to turn, shortcuts, safe routes etc. Motivation and determination work exactly the same, visualise and you will arrive to your destination if you write down your road plan. Don't give in because people turn you down, simply tell yourself that if you are turned down, then your time has not come, but that is no reason to give in because someone who has no idea of your potential vaguely reads your project and turns it down, most people who are at the top of their careers got rejected hundreds of times before getting the "yes" that they so hardly worked to achieve, that "yes" will instantly make all the "no's" worth it, the patience, the sadness and that goes with it will fade away, the time for a new beginning will arise, and that spotlight will stay focused on you if you manage to keep it together.