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Faris Mohamed
 Faris Mohamed
About me:
I just a simple person who run a very fascinating and interesting business which a revolutionary new concept in Global Business Ownership... FREE STORES!
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Friends, Business contacts
China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States


Photography, Martial Arts
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Instrumental, World Music, Blues,
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Personal Money, Men Health's
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Share Opportunity
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Give Up
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We Color Your World
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Giving Business Opportunity
Business Partner
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Group Human Resource Manager


  • Faris Mohamed
     Faris Mohamed

    Currently our group runs a revolutionary new concept in Global Business Ownership... FREE STORES! No Fee, No Risk Company Pays for Everything Multiple Income Sources Time & Financial Freedom!

    We lease space in a high foot traffic location, do the necessary renovation, set up the store, put in the equipment and all of the products, and then if you are selected, we let you run it and profit from it absolutely FREE! It´s so much smarter and safer than buying a franchise because while leveraging on a successful system is the same in either model, an a store is risk- free and allows you to enjoy multiple streams of profit that will continue to come in, even after you walk away.

    For your information, beside Malaysia this new business concept already been establish in Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom and this coming March 2011, we will going to USA to meet our new network.

    By any possibility you or anyone you know would like to own FREE franchise shop which selling consumer product, with gratefully and willingness we will help the person to achieve her/his dreams or if you have interest to help poor people, we can show how to work with us and help them to have a better life.

    For any further question you can direct email to me at this address: [...]