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Hakseop Dylan Im
 Hakseop Dylan Im
About me:
Hi there. I'm a Korean / 27yrs / male. Looking for a English speaker who wants to learn Korean so we can help each other learning each one's learning languages. For now I'm in Toronto, Canada but am going to go back to Korea at the beginning of June 2013.(I think we can know each other using skype until I go back to Incheon, Korea) I came here in June 2012 and met several Canadian friends and became really good friends. Thanks to my friends' helping me out, I could raise my English skill to some point and I really appreciate that. Before I came here, I didn't know the joy of meeting foreign friends. So I really wish to meet foreign friends even in Korea, my hometown.(whereever in Incheon or Seoul) I like talk about academic topics like Politics/Economy/national security/History. Also feel interested in photography especially handling with DSLR.(I have a CANON T3I) Like to talk about interior design. Love the idea of IKEA. Love Korean foods of course. Maybe I can invite you to come over to taste my mother's food. :) After I go back to Korea, I would become a job seeker. Wish to get a job from a conglomerate company. Before I came here I was a Naval Office of Korea for 3 years. Really want to meet a friend who can share the ideas and perspective about various Topics. Take Care!
Living in:
Incheon (South Korea)
English, Korean
Looking for:
34 years
South Korea, Incheon


Animals/Pets, Art, Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Cooking, Gardening, Movies/Videos, Music, Photography, Politics, Basketball, Football, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Yoga
Favourite films:
Blade Runner
Favourite books:
Things I like:
Beer+Football on the screen+argumentation ;)
Things I hate:
stupid politicians
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