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Jake Morgan
 Jake Morgan
About me:
I treat everyone with respect, Everyone is created equal, There is good and respect in all humans.. If you were to sit down with someone of the opposite culture you could learn so much from EACH OTHER..
Living in:
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Looking for:


Art, Coffee, tea and conversation, Movies/Videos, Music, Nightclubs/Dancing, Football (American), Horseback Riding, Jogging, Swimming
Favourite music:
Depends on my mood, I like almost anything
Favourite films:
Scarface, Gladiator,Braveheart,Step Brothers
Things I like:
Friendly & Humorous people
Things I hate:
Raciest People, Rude People


Frog Farmer ( Just kidding ) - Security
Former Career:
I was a Shark Diver, Then lost both my legs and had to become a semi-professional race car driver and amature tattoo artist.. ( Just kidding again )


  • Jake Morgan
     Jake Morgan

    I'm new to the UAE, O.K. I this is me.. I like to do Karate in front of the mirror while listening to some Bad Ass Disco music.. ( Just Kidding ) What is the deal with people out here having NO SENSE OF HUMOR.. Man did the Sun burn it out of everyone's brain.. Life is to short to be a tight ass, Live , Laugh and Love.. Remember those 3 words and you will enjoy this lifetime.. Very much