Krisztian Dóra

About me

Krisztian Dóra
 Krisztian Dóra
About me:
I come from Hungary in Central-East Europe. I would like to know people all over the world and know their cultures, customs, languages, livings and get friends.
Living in:
Northern Hungary (Hungary)
English, Hungarian
Looking for:
Friends, Business contacts
Canada, China, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Northern Hungary


hiking, angling, nature and animals, swimming, travelling, ... to meet different people all over the world, to know their thinking and communicate with them. To set up new business and make enterprises more profitable: giving advice how to make a business more profitable - Business Finance and Logistic systems!
Things I like:
to be success and make other people to be success. See that people are happy.


Field of work:
logisctic, webshop (modern informatic technology to sell more products and raise your profit), marke
Former Career:
I was a logistic manager for a long time. I have an economic degree (as on logistic field) too that I got at a famious college. - Logistic systems and transport , - Finance - web-selling (webshop) systems attached to sell your products and raise your business up. AS a selling advisory/consultant I connect the most modern knowledge of informatic technologies, marketing and logistic to make your enterprise more profitable. :-) For example: - to multiple your customs, - to multiple your profit, - how to spread your business all over the world, - cut your costs with modern technology in business life. ... and so on