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Nati's Maids Inc.
 Nati's Maids Inc.
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Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates


Nati's Maids
Child care, house management, kitchen & cooking and personal assistants
Child care, house management, kitchen & cooking and personal assistants
Addis Ababa


  • Nati's Maids Inc.
     Nati's Maids Inc.

    If you’re in need of reliable and trustworthy caretaker for your child.
    Professional, gentle and nurturing new-born baby nurses,
    Personal tutors,
    Butler to assist you in keeping your property/s in order,
    Reliable and experienced cooks to cater to yours and your family’s dietary needs,
    Reliable, professional and highly-qualified Chambermaid to take excellent care of your private sleeping quarters and provide the finest level of quality care,
    High-quality and reliable full time domestic staffing you can trust,
    Take charge of your household and see to it that all domestic duties are carried out to the highest level of excellence
    An exceptional individual who can help to manage your estate, whether its several properties or one large household
    Professional Laundress who can confidently and effectively take charge of the maintenance and cleanliness of all your garments for social and official functions and your day to day
    Highly-trained, experienced and professional gardener to shape your garden into a stunning and well-kept haven
    Reliable and trustworthy caretakers to look after your elderly parents and family members
    Managing your schedule, arranging your appointments and keeping your wardrobe up to date with the latest in designer clothing