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About me:
UPDATE: Never move 4500 miles away for love to country you're unfamiliar with (personal opinion only)!!! Now I'm stuck, broke and trying to find a way back home....but at least I got to see a beautiful country for the 2 months I've been here! Can we say FML! I moved from Alabama because I thought I had found my soul mate...turns out it's been a "sole" disaster! This country is absolutely amazing but I've found unless you speak the language it's hard to reach out & find doesn't help I'm not a very social person unless I feel comfortable with whom I'm with in social's been a rather rough go round for me to say the least! UPDATE: HA!! I finally made it back to Sweet Home Alabama!! Talk about an experience getting back...think I'm hanging up my wings for a while and staying grounded!!! LOL
Living in:
United States
Looking for:
Friends, Business contacts
41 years
Netherlands, South Holland, Alabama


Movies/Videos, Music, Travel/Sightseeing, Football (American)
Favourite music:
Rock, Pop, 80's Hair Band
Things I like:
a glass of wine and good conversation
Things I hate:


Legal Assistant
Field of work:
Legal and adminstrative field