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Raissa Annnang
 Raissa Annnang
About me:
Hi I'm Raissa 23 new in Geneva..near Nyon and looking for some francaphones to hang out with, do fun stuff with in effect make friends. I'm bored and I've had enough...I need some cool spontaneous people in my life to do stuff with as theres only so Mich I can do alone. If you want to do a language exchange with me let me know.
Living in:
Geneva (Switzerland)
Looking for:
Geneva, Lausanne


Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Skiing, Skating, I'm not very good at any of the tings I ticked but I can do the basics, its what I'm interested in. Would like to improve but want people to do them with
Favourite books:
anything interesting mainly dystopia fiction and theology
Things I like:
skateboard ing, taking walks, being spontaneous, photography, graphics
Things I hate:
a lot would prefer not to least you can find out when we meet
Relationship status:


  • Raissa Annnang
     Raissa Annnang

    Any skater dudes or dudettes available anywhere close by who would like to spend time with a novice and bring her up in the game. Just looking ng to not be bored anymore.