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๑۩۩๑┼●I Dnt Want Wat People Want me to Be I Believe in myself●┼๑۩۩๑ S0000 hr I Gooo Chck itttttttttt Hey! EVen I m scrAtCHiNg My HEAd TO KNoW ABOUt mE...... wElL i BeLIeve IN thiS StaTeMeNt.. "DoNt eXPLain Your SELF In FrONT OF oTheR...bEcaUSe The PerSON whO lOVE U wonT NEED any explaiNAtion...aND THe PeRsON wHO HatE u..wont tRUST" BUt due TO EmBeLlIsHmeNt oF My PROFILE.. M DeLiNeaTiNg whAT I ScRuTInIzeD aBOUt mE.. I HaVE A SOFt hEArT, AND aS A pERsoN I M VErY CArefUL AboUt PeOple ANd Come acrOSS AS OnE who Will gO OUt oF tHEIr waY TO Be hELPfUL to OThErS. I ALwaYS wIsh fOR hAPPIness, optiMiSm And LaRgE dosEs OF LAUgHTER. I AM prONE TO pEssIMISm AnD UsuaLLy cOnceAl yOuR feArS wITh seNsE oF Humour. I lOvE To dReAm, And FOR Me, THE skY Is tHE liMit. I can bE A PeRfECT kEEpEr OF SecReTs aND peoPlE rEadIly cONFide IN ME. I HAVE an AmAZiNg DedIcAtION and powerFUl Drive TO succeEd. I HAVE A GreaT lEVeL oF UndErstAndiNG, And I CAn be VERY IntUITIVE. I HAve a PEt INTErESt IN The ocCUlT, PARanormAL aNd cOnSPirACy thEOrieS, AnD OTHEr unknoWN, UNsolVED mysTeRiES.
Living in:
Jammu and Kashmir (India)
Looking for:
Friends, Dating, Business contacts
35 years
Austria, Qatar, Switzerland, Turkey, Jammu and Kashmir, Berne, Geneva, Zürich


Computers/Internet, Travel/Sightseeing, Skiing, Surfing, Walking/Hiking, Adventerousss!!!
Favourite music:
Enrique iglesi@s
Favourite films:
Favourite books:
Atl@s,biogr@phies,Sidney Sheldon!!!!!
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