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About me:
Please take a minute to see why we are NOT just another “dating” site! We decided to step outside the box of other “dating” agencies to do something you might find to be ... a bit different. While other dating sites open their doors to everyone looking for just about any relationship you could think of, those looking for “just friends” , “dating but nothing serious”, ‘casual encounters” and you name the rest. Here at we chose to make this a meeting place for a more committed group of people; those looking for marriages in the near future! Here at we strive to provide an avenue where like-minded people can meet. Those who are tired of the bar scenes and all the hassles of “the dating game”, and looking for something more fulfilling.
Living in:
Minneapolis (United States)
German, English, Afrikaans
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Dating, Business contacts


Our intention is not to populate the site with millions of members looking for all sorts of relationships like other dating sites do. But when you join a community where ALL members are looking for the same thing as you are, your chances of finding the one for you are much higher. So in a nut shell, we are all about marriages! If you desire a marriage in your near future, Two is a great place to find a fulfilling and long lasting relationship. So welcome to, we are positive, and we hope your searching will end here!