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I'm the chick that does shit that makes everyone say 'Girl, you crazy!' Gotta live it to the fullest right? If I was to ever make a list of people to meet, Janis Joplin would definately be in the top 5. I think a woman with that much soul would be fun to kick it with. I would also have to add an old, wise Native American from back in the old days. I'd love to sit in his teepee around a fire and listen to him tell me stories about the river and the snake and the bear as we smoke from his pipe. He would then look into my soul and tell me about my life in the way that only someone like he can... I wonder what he would see. Of course Clint Eastwood would be on there as well cuz, well, he's the man. I would love one day to go to Europe and try to pet an untamed man. I was once punched by a kangaroo with boxing gloves on. I do not have a favorite color nor a favorite flower. I think that a lot of things that are scented like fruit actually smell better than the fruit itself. I have been late to work several times due to a beautiful sunrise. I once had a boat but it floated away... it wasn't fancy but I'd say 'at least it floats right?'... well that didn't work out for me too well. I believe the phrase "When it rains, it pours" was made for people like me... so I guess it's a good thing I like jumping in mud puddles. I think pickles are wonderful... and popcorn... also wonderful. I pronounce the word 'fajitas' like 'fah-jye-tahs'. My eyes sometimes change colors from one day to the next. I don't understand the people that are afraid to go in the sun. I feel like they're really missing out. I'm one of those weird people that doesn't use a microwave cuz I tend to be gullable and believe things that are told to me without needing proof. People who knew me when I was a kid would say am really shy. People I know now would not believe it. Either I changed or got better at pretending... or I'm just drunk more often :-P I have no problem saying that I'm an alchoholic because that must mean I'm not one right? Yes, I really do own an alligator. I think it's unfair that people can't fly. I never wished I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner. I do NOT like orange juice with pulp :-)... lumps in my liquids make me think there's something in there that shouldn't be. I have a Jack LaLaane power juicer and it's everything I hoped it would be. Emotionally, I act a lot tougher than I am... physically, I am a lot tougher than I look. I prefer blue pens to black and I try to only write with rollerballs. I used to always draw tattoos on myself when in school. I love tattoos, yet only have one... I just can't decide what else to get that will symbolize something of meaning to me. I love the feel of sand on bare feet. I love music... not just because it's pleasant to the ears and gives people a sense of self, but because it can speak to my soul. I am more likely to go up and speak to an old man sitting up at the bar all by himself then to a young, cute guy havin a pitcher of beer with his buddies because the old guy will have a lot more interesting things to say, and let's face it... he's just happy to have someone talk to him and isn't looking for anything else. If someone says "I dare you", I will more than likely do it. I hate talking on the phone. I believe that young people should go out and enjoy life before it's too late... I do not always follow my own beliefs. I sometimes pick up a guitar to play a song and then remember that I can't play. I have a stuffed Aflac duck that talks. It makes me smile. I once had a baby duck that drowned. Throughout my childhood I had hair down to my knees... now I'm known to some as "Aren't you the girl that had really long hair?". I make really good homemade chili from scratch. In a split second I went from the savage sports player who never broke a bone to having my life permanently affected by breaking one. I really like palm trees. I want one... no, I want several. I do not like drinking warm water... it must be cold for me. I have never been to a drive-in theatre. I have an acute sense of smell. I think that I would be really good at being a hitman, or a con-artist. Someday I want to lick a toad and see if I get high.. or at least watch someone else do it :-P I also want to taste a tulip pedal and see if it really tastes as good as I was told it does. I am one of the few girls that does not like to shop... malls especially freak me out. I love taking pictures but hate being in them. I am wondering more and more what 2012 really has in store for us. I am going to someday install an underground bowling lane at my house cuz that would be epic. I am a horrible swimmer and will stand at the edge of a dock forever trying to convince myself to dive... I never do though. I think it's sad to see jellyfish beached on the sand when the tide goes out... I used to try to save them. Last year I was put to sleep with nitros to have my wisdom teeth removed... I really, really enjoyed the time I remember while I was breathing in that gas. I often tap along to music when there's no music playing. I used to hate tea, but now like it. I never liked any kind of soda.. now I'll drink it, but only when it's mixed with some hard A. I think that any story involving a yak is bound to be funny. I wish they still made those energizer bunny commercials. I know the words to probably almost every Elvis Presley song. Betty Boop was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a little kid. If there was such a thing as a pot bellied elephant, I would own one. I would like to know why they call Salt Lake City that... I have never heard of a salty lake. I think pepper is an awesome spice. I put peanut butter and Karo on my pancakes instead of maple syrup. I hate coconut. I love the cozy feeling of being wrapped up in a down comforter... too bad I don't own one. I often catch me talking to myself when I'm alone. I used to stop when I realized it, now I have full on debates Ok - I am done writing about myself for right now. LOL...
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Camping, Hiking, Outdoor life, Coffee, tea and conversation, Dining out, Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Pool/Snooker, I love music... not just because it's pleasant to the ears and gives people a sense of self, but because it can speak to my soul.
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