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manpower partner from Viet Nam
 manpower partner from Viet Nam
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DEAR PARTNERSHIP: we are so many thank to your concern us. The management of B.L.E.O GROUPS are looking your property life and full happiness . We are an consulting & training organization .We come from to the south of VIETNAM, in Ho Chi Minh city with more than over 12 years in our experiences. THE B.L.E.O GROUPS are hopeful to corporate at your company in manpower solution from this opening letter. Oversea manpower: This field is an our operation in Vietnam. We would like to contact at your company about providing unskill worker & skill workers. We will train all employees as your recommendation and we supply to your company. In the case of your need in our thank to your attention our solution manpower in Vietnam today. We have these kind of workers: - Machine worker (men) - Welder worker - cutting edge workers (men) - Electronic worker (men & women) - Electrician (men) - Engineers, senior engineer (men) - Sawing worker (women & men) - Construction workers (men) - Rubber workers Skill worker : as welders, cutter, builder, architect, constructor, engineer, staff office, pip - line , petrol - worker , sewer , air hotess , nursing ... OUR AFRAID OF SOLUTIONS Our absolutely your workers: - Their good skill, in case of their low skill - Your workers stop working we would like to instead - We supply precise time as your demand - We have huge number employee and variety - We do all thing at your manpower that means for our future Our workers will stay in long time , why ? - firstly , they have to set up a deposit in our country, - second , they must be checked in extremely by us before we transfer to your company. - Third , we navigate their profile to be sure they will have no relation in your country. - Four, workers have to sign a contact with your company - Five , workers have to sign contact with our company - Six, workers have to check health, diseases, modal , character - Seven, our training worker is different other organizations, we train our workers ex: job skill, culture, behavior, especially career rules (we focus their keeping contract rules), communication .. - Eight , our government are encouraging export workers - The end : the companies in your nation pay more money than our interprises in our country. In other corporations , please contact us after your reading our informations: OUR CONTACT : (24/24 , in seven days per week) - Our address : Heading office in Number 107, Street Hoang Huu Nam, Tan Phu ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh city. - Tel : 0084.0866.831.046 - Mobile : 0084.0988.44.2960 ( Mr Jp – jessy , Director). - Email: - Skypie: bleogroups
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- Our address : Heading office in Number 107, Street Hoang Huu Nam, Tan Phu ward, District 9, Ho Chi
Ho Chi Minh