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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in Germany? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the Germany community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in Germany!

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  • Jesus Basail

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    Where in Colorado? I'm came from Thornton, in the Denver Metro Area.

  • Maria Monch

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    Hello JL world...I am a Venezuelan/German European Latina now living in Bavaria with my cute Chihuahua paco :) I am hoping to do some language tutoring since I am Fluent in English and Spanish...I am new here in Bavaria from Miami Florida where I grew up ...I hope to make some great friends and meet new people...Happy Trails...:) Maria

  • x x

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    Hey guys, I have been living in Dusseldorf with my girlfriend for the last 3 months and wondering if there are any other people living close by who would like to befriend a South African. I was brought up in SA and lived in UK for 14 years. I now rest my head in Germany. Feeling lost without my friends, im sure im not the only one here

    So if you are looking for a chat, maybe meet up sometime.

    Cheers Jason

  • Maria Monch

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    I am a Venezuelan / German European Latina and I now live in Bavaria after Growing up in the States I also am looking to maybe start a new career teaching Language maybe we can chat sometime and share ideas :) I hope all is going well for you here in Germany ...:) Best Wishes...Maria :)

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    My name is Lynx, and I am new to this community.
    I am currently a University senior trying to obtain my bachelors degree in Creative Advertising.
    Currently I live in the US but I am planning to make a move to Germany within the next 2 years to work overseas :)
    I am open to being friends with anyone who finds me interesting or has the same goals :D

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    Hi everone, I just landed actually in late October. I'm orginally from Texas and am currently living in the Kreinensen area with my boyfriend.

    I ventured unto this site looking for employment and signed up. I'm seeking gainful employment and if anyone would care to share their experiences, it would be most welcomed. Also, any additional information concerning culture is always welcomed.


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    Where in Germany are you located Alisha? It's kinda funny that I knew absolutely no one when I visited Germany in Oct, but on the 2nd day I ran into an American female and her Hungarian husband.

    When I left 3 weeks later, I had quite a network of American friends from all over Germany and other places in Europe. Plus an additional 120 people from all over the world.I met most of these people at Nancy and Peters wedding, and the nights of partying leading up to it. I was mostly in the Bavaria area in Germany, but visited Austria and the Czech Rep too
    If you are interested, I could get you in touch with some expats.

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    Well, I've been living in Germany for 2 years. I have yet to meet another fellow American! It would be great to find someone open minded and carefree such as myself to hang out with.

    I'm 20 years of age and not much of a party person! Although I do enjoy small get together's with only a few people.

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    Hi Aydin,

    It'll be another 2 years or so before I go for the exchange programme, so it's a little premature to plan too far ahead right now. But thank you for your offer, I'll keep it in mind.


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    You are the sister from Galina!

    I live in germany and i wort in a language school for incomming Students in Germany. If you need some helps you can ask me



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