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Calling all people!!!!

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Hey there,

I am knew to this site and i and i am just trying to get in contact with any other english speaking people within the leipzig area.
I Can speak a little german as i have been in germany for a year now although i have just moved to leipzig in the last 2 mnths. I can understan alot mre german than i can speak but you will obviousöy know thats all part of the process with learning another language. I love germany but nothing beats a good old conversatoin in english while chilling with friends.

I'm a pretty fun guy to be around, like staying active and having a laugh, i'd say i am sporty with playing Basketball and going to the gym and i love to be on the water which is something i need to do more of, as you can English grammer is not one of my strong points.

So if your in the area give me a shout and maybe we can have a converstion.

Take care Matt

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    Hello Matt,
    good to hear from you. I'm indeed back in Germany but still getting used to everything and trying to find my way around Leipzig. My new apartment reminds me more of a campsite at the moment than a home but i'm getting there ;o). I'd love to meet up and get to know new people. I haven't really had any other responses on this website and since i don't have internet at home at the moment it makes it a bit harder to check also. So i can best be reached on my mobile these days. I know i shouldn't really post the number on here but i'll do it anyway: 01577 7868501. So give me a shout when you get the chance. Have a good weekend. Anja

  • Matthew Godfrey

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    Hi there Anja,

    First of allthanks for your reply, you are the first to reply so no not so many responses to the post.
    Are you back in Germany yet? The christmass markets are in full session as you know so i would definately be interested in meeting up with some new people. Have you had any replys to posts on here?
    Hope all is well and your trip back to germany was a good one.


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    Hello Matt,

    how are you? Did you get good responses on your post? I just found it and signed up to the website. I'm German and will be moving to Leipzig very soon. I have been living in Ireland for the last 4 years though and am a bit scared about going back to Germany. And one thing is for sure: i would love to continue to have those good old chats in English and would love to build up an international circle of friends. I should be over there by December - just in time for the Christmas market season. Give me a shout if you are still interested in meeting new people (which i hope). So long, Anja

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