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Rental Agreements

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My sister is in surfers bay and desperately wants to come back to the UK due to a family bereavement with her boyfriend (who has since flown home) - he cannot now return due to coronavirus thus is staying in the UK indefinitely. He flew home for the funeral.

Long story short - she didnt leave but now urgently wants to come home due to him not being able to come back etc and the obvious other worries associated with everything.

she is stuck in a tenancy agreement where she has to clean everything professionally (everything- carpet, curtains, bed) and provide receipts, pay to have it advertised and pay the rent till its taken by someone else. I have been a few tenancy agreements but the cleaning one seems very unfair. This will cost her a fortune considering she didn't manage to get a job and has been living off savings.

Her circumstances have changed considerably since she signed - couldn't get a job, coronavirus etc.

does anyone have any advice for her or an idea on who she can speak to - she is easy put down so i am trying my best to help her from the other side of the world but it has its limits....

I have already told her to speak to citizens advice but i am not sure whether her tenancy is fair so am trying to get her out of the tenancy agreement so she can fly back without the threat of being chased by the rental company.

any help is appreciated no matter how small.....

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