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can i get a tour guide or someone to help me out?

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im going to sofia soon for vacation and i was wanting to know if there was anyone in sofia nice enough and with some spare time to help me out and show me around? im 19 and my name is zach. im pretty friendly and ive heard alot about bulgaria from a friend a while ago but i couldnt go visit because i wasnt of age. ive heard some stories about bulgarian crime and sex slaves but i dont really believe what half of what tourists say. i wanna meet someone nice maybe a new friend. im about to get out of the united states army and i want to go on a vacation and i figured i would go to bulgaria for a while. if anyone gets this please let kno because i dont have the money to fly a friend from home so ill be alone. so if you would like to meet me and give me a helping land let me know.

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