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Seeking private investor/partner in customized/personalized print business.

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Hi, i am seeking a private investor/partner for my business .My business is in Saskatchewan and looking at a website to be built for online orders and sales with help from investor/partner. I would like them to be experienced in marketing although not necessary. You can be a silent partner or active in helping grow the business. I am in an early stage of business(2 months) and seek capital help in order to help it grow. I am seeking $15-65k. We can negotiate a fair % of the business or % profits that will suit both of us.There is great profit potential and the markets to tap into are VAST. Some of the different markets include Home decor, business and office, sport teams, schools, art gallery, photography, fundraisers, non profit organizations, hospitality, auto industry, and many more!! I am currently promoting my business through trade shows and events to gain some exposure of this unique type of business. I have a custom/personalized print business that is unique to many people and is non existent in the area where i reside. I have now gained some good contacts as i am progressing as well. I am able to print onto many mediums such as aluminum, glass, wood, fabric and more. I will explain more of this business when I get into contact with you as i do not want to divulge to much info as to what i do for security purposes. This is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide and is forecasted to rise 10.2% annually for the next 5 years. If you have interest in this opportunity and want to make some money and be part of something unique and great then please get into contact with me at your earliest. Thank you!!


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