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Shipping freight forwarder from China to Canada

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About Less than Container Load to Canada by sea services

Many Canadian buyers import from China, the shipments below 15CBM. less than so much use 1*20FT, Use by air the shipping cost is too much! The best way is use LCL sea freight, but send by sea is not easy than send by DHL,FedEx. There are a lot of jobs and documents. To save your cost, your money, let your business from China become simple, Guangzhou International freight forwarder SHIPPING provide door to door services send by sea shipping from China to Canada services to our clients.

Shipping From China To Canada Transit Ways

shiped by sea. From Guangzhou or Shenzhen sea port to Vancouver/Montreal/Toronto and so on.

Shipping Volume calculation methods


2.At least 1 CBM, it is mean below 1 CBM the total cost is the same as shipping 1 CBM.

Shipping From China To Canada notes:

1.We cann't ship from China to Cannda:Liquid, powder goods, easy combustion, explosive, dangerous goods, tobacco and alcohol, copy

2.Below cargo need import documents in Canada:Food, tires, some electronic products

3.Canada import tax query website :http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

4.If there are have Canada customs check the shipments,checking charges pay by consignee.The reference standard :document charges: CAD80/BL; container inspect fees:1000-2000CAD.

5.If consignee is personal,consingnee need go to customs check the documents by himself follow customs regulations.

6.Delivery charges: please confirm from goodhope freight sales.

7.wood packaging need have finished Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate in China.

8.Commercial Invoice and Packing list need depend on the actual.

9.Clothes need with the word "Made in China" , or will have customs clearnce problem in Canada

10.Advising shipper buy insurance. As in the case without insurance, the goods are damaged or lost, we have to follow the relevant provisions of international maritime law compensation;

11. Customs GST: 5% total value of the goods.

12.CUSTOMS DUTY: depend on goods.

Shipping from China to Cannda Documents Inquiry

1.Packing list

2.Commercial invoice

Note:We use these both documents do customs clearance. If packing list details doesn't the same as actual cargo, maybe will have extra charges.

Transportation Insurance

We can buy Transportation Insurance from insurance company when shipped from China to Cannda. 0.3% of cargo's value.

How to order booking

1.Send details by email to us/ send by WeChat/WhatsApp/QQ also ok → 2.Get a quote → 3.Payment → Cargo be shipped out

Cargoes shipping process.

1. Ask for information, entrust transportation, and make a shipping booking.Different shipping companies have different shipping dates.

2. The goods are delivered to our warehouse, packing and confirm loading the container.

3. The customer should provide the quantity of goods and the list of goods, and we'll arrange and complete the customs declaration.

4. Customs clearance, Loaded on the ship, sea voyage,it usually takes about 15 days.

5. To reach the port of destination, our agent will do the customs clearance, and the container loading and delivery of the goods to the door.Finally,the customer to sign in.

Pls don't hesitate to contact us if you have any shipments in China.Any inquiries from you will receive our prompt response.Normally we will respond in 30 minutes during the working hours.

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