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Q&a: All About Learning Mandarin in China (1)

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1.Why are Chinese idioms hard to understand? (if you want to know more detail pls follow our wechat official account- GuideinChina,or visit our website-hiredchina.com)
Most Chinese Idioms derive from myths, fables, historical tales, poems, etc. What an idiom expresses is not the simple sum of the literal meaning of each word, but has a deep and figurative meaning. So if you don't know much about Chinese culture, you will find it difficult to understand idioms.

Here are some advice from DACD for you to learn a Chinese idiom: first, get to know its origin; then check some examples and try to use it in your daily life. You can also follow DACD’s Chinese Idioms Series.

2.What if you just cannot pronounce the tones correctly?

First, listen more and practice more.
Secondly, don't care too much about the tones. Just keep learning. Many students manage to pronounce the tones perfectly only after reaching the intermediate level, while some others are still struggling with them even as advanced level learners. Luckily, the context can help reduce acoustic ambiguities.
Third, practice with someone with a good pronunciation,such as an online language partner.

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