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Say Goodbye to the Era of Paper Tickets in China!

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The era of train tickets is officially over in China! (if you want to know more detail pls follow our wechat official account- GuideinChina,or visit our website-hiredchina.com)

At the China railway science and technology innovation exhibition, Shan Xinghua, Director of the 12306 Technology Department, made an official announcement.

Paper tickets will be removed all together!

"Whether passengers buy tickets on 12306.cn or through an APP, a ticket window or an automated ticket machine, paper tickets are no longer issued at our station window."

So, how do we get on the train?
The answer is simple: e-tickets!

E-tickets will include two-dimensional QR codes. When arriving at the station with your mobile phone, you’ll pull up the e-ticket and upon arriving to the check-in gate machine, you will scan your e-ticket under the reader and it will let you enter the station.

Don’t panic!

For those who do not use smartphones or if your phone is not charged, you can swipe your ID cards as your e-ticket.

If you don’t have the QR code, you can still use your e-ticket with WeChat or Alipay!

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