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Amateur college production calling for actor/actress

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There are only three requirements:
1. age above 10 (well...)
2. looks foreign to Chinese eyes
3. will be in Guangzhou with plenty of free time during Feb 25-28th

If you're interested here's some more info...
We are four sophomores of Sun Yat-sen University, making a short video clip for a contest at our school. The storyline runs something like a foreigner's encounter in China, thus reflecting China's own cultural, economical and social change since 1979 blah blah blah...We are total amateurs (though with a comfortable amount of experience in video-making) and it's nothing serious, and we'll try to have as much fun as possible.

And the actual script and details would have to be decided with our actor/actress of course! That's why I ask for PLENTY of free time for those 4 days. During Chunjie we're at our seperate hometowns and can to nothing, so the plan is to meet up on the 25th and hopefully finish discussion/script-writing/filming in the next 3 days before school starts, and be just in time to submit our clip.

I came via google and registered because it seems a likely place to find friendly foreigners. If we can't get an actor/actress our clip will have to settle with a less exotic approach (so to speak). So make a difference in the world and join us! As broke college students we can offer no monetary reward, but if you're in for crazy-story-filming and Tangshui, please send me an email (jinziling#hotmail.com) or contact via QQ (38856574) and enlighten us on your personality. I should not ask for something as straight-faced as a résumé, but info like that will be very much welcomed. Arms wide open for creative minds! May I stress again that PLENTY OF FREE TIME reqiured during Feb 25-28th.

If you read all the way down here, you probably are interested! Right?
Thank you for your kind attention, and Xin Nian Hao! Looking forward to emails~

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