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Card games behavior in Colombia

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Hi everybody,
I am a student living in the US. I'm currently doing a research on Colombian entertainment habits, especially card game habits. ( the Tute game)

Due to the language barrier, the resources I have access to are very limited. That's why I want to ask you on this subreddit a few questions if possible. I would be very grateful.

So here are my questions:
1. When do you usually play cards? What for (entertainment, betting, ..)?
2. How popular is Tute? How do you feel about this game?
3. Who are the people who usually play cards? (elderly, youth, male/ female, ..)
4. How is Colombian's card-playing behavior different from other countries? Do you have any special habits?
For example, in some Asian countries, we often play cards on New Year's Eve, to get lucky for the rest of year.
Please help save a student drowning in deadlines! Thank you very much!

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