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Long Trip and Cool places to visit

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Hi all !
I have planned a long trip to Spain this summer where I will be staying a bit more than 3 months. Hopefully the whole thing with corona won't be much of a burden (my trip begins July). Love the language too, already started learning it, hope I will be able to at least get some of the basics. Frankly looks rather easy learning the basics and being that I am relatively familiar with italian, there's quite some resemblance there.

I have planned to visit various locations, namely Murcia, Marbella and Sevilla. These are going to be long stays of about a month on each place and I have also booked some in between travels to Ibiza and Gran Canaria(on some nice hotels there).

I am a single guy(early thirties) and I wanted to pick your minds on some cool places/restaurants/fun things to visit around those areas. I am not really interested in museums or sightseeing, but I absolutely love beach bars(private beaches etc) and the sea, natural beauty and fancy/nice shops/restaurants. I wouldn't mind spending money for nice experiences/purchases as well. I am also open to potentially booking a nice resort that would be worthwhile visiting on a nearby location. I like going around places, but not having been in the country at all yet, I think it would be easy to miss potentially awesome places and experiences worth having.

Thus, I thought it would be a good idea to ask all of you guys :D Please do not hesitate to bring up your ideas on this thread. They would absolutely be appreciated and I will definitely look to be working my way towards fulfilling a lot of your interesting suggestions.

Stay safe and Thanks a lot !! :)

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