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au pair in san francisco!!

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I need a host family in san francisco because I want to be au pair,I will do a course of english there.I will start in january,the duration 3-5months.
Anybody can help me??

  • Zlatko Preskakulev

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    dear firends, please let me have recommendation how and wherqa to find apartement about 40 metar squares in City of Sanf Francisco for my cousin who shell arrive on 27 of May 2014 and stay there few months to work in restoraunt.
    So, where is it pssibile but not so expensive!!!bes reagrds and thanks in advance for answer on :[...]

  • estefi rodenas

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    How are you tine??Thanks a lot. I´m registered in some pages like findaupair,greataupair,but I haven´t got a family yet.
    I will look in nannynetwork.com
    Thanks,where do you live??? I speak a little english,I want to improve it.

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    I did some research lately because I thought about this idea myself. Perhaps this site can help you:

    Did you try to make a post at the "classifieds jobs wanted" here at justlanded?

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