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Kuwait Embassy in the Philippines

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anyone here who knows detail on this embassy?
who knows if i can pay somebody to process filing in this embassy?
coz as much as possible i dont wanna go back to this worst embassy... got a bad experienced..

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    My prospective employer in Kuwait told me to authenticate my transcript of records and diploma at Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila and Kuwait Embassy before I send them through a courier.

    Now, I already have my DFA-Manila Authentication Certificate. Then, the next step to do is to proceed at Kuwait Embassy.

    I went to Kuwait Embassy yesterday to authenticate my transcript of records and diploma, but I was informed that since last year they were advised that school credentials should be authenticated at the Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait. They are authorized to authenticate NBI Clearance, Marriage Certificate and the like except diploma and transcript of records.

    What should I do?

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    pls call to this number to take some info about u need...
    (02) 556.3860

    about processing there no need u go in embassy just complete ur papers then sent thru DHL or its btter call www express ask them about kuwait embassy need...


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    First of all why are you going to Kuwait Embassy? If you are applying for a visa for yourself, there is no one can do it except you. You have to personally visit the embassy for visa and it requires personal appearance. Visa can also be processed thru accredited agency in the Philippines only if your Kuwait employer has an accredited employment agency to process on your behalf. Otherwise, you have to do it yourself. The embassy is located along C5, Pasig. I forgot the building tower but it is located on the 8th floor. You can check the address thru internet. I tell you waht, when I applied for my visa, I never find any difficulties of getting my visa. The staff and very polite. BUT HEY, I think starting this month, the process will be done through DHL, you can check any employment agencies who are dealing with Kuwait before going to the embassy.

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