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French residency permit/cart de sejour question...

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My wife and I are in France and wanting to stay. I have an EU passport, she does not. One of the requirements the French government wants in order to issue a residency permit is proof of insurance, but doesn't give much more detail. What sort of coverage is needed? Before contacting insurance companies and buying coverage, I would like to know what we need in order to satisfy the bureaucracy. I've read a lot of conflicting information online, has anyone gone through this process and can speak from experience what is needed, advice on a good company to use, price, etc? Thanks in advance.

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  • Mademoiselle  Guiga

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    Hi Aby,
    If I understand well, you are an Argentinian national requesting a residence permit as the spouse of a European citizen. Is that correct?
    If you are not working in France, you must provide to the Préfecture a proof of health insurance valid for one year (the duration of the residence permit). This should be a full health coverage and if required should include maternity. If before coming to France you were working in another EU country, the S1 form or the EHIC is accepted.
    Yes, the birth certificate and marriage certificate are required and they should be translated by a certified translator from a French Court of Appeal (no other institutions such as Embassy... as it won't be accepted).
    Do you have the list of required documents required for the type of residence permit you're requesting?

    I hope this helps,

    Good luck!

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    I am in the same situation, i don;t know weather to buy the assurance maladie or what.. do i need birth certificates? I would appreciate so much any info.



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